Monday, July 26, 2010

Amanuensis Monday: Engagement Announced

Thanks to John at Transylvanian Dutch for providing a framework (and nudge) for transcribing family records, news clippings and other treasures.

I couldn't resist this bit of fluff.  This engagement announcement for my grandparents was in a box of assorted papers taken from a great-aunt's house in the mid 1990s.   I hadn't looked at it in years, but my son's approaching wedding sent me looking to see how earlier generations celebrated marriages.  It does reinforce my belief that my grandmother and I grew up on different planets - completely different planets.  I must have looked like a Martian to her.

The announcement most likely appeared in a Johnson City, Tennessee newspaper during late summer or early fall in 1925.  Bob and Iva were married October 1, 1925 in Portland, Oregon.

Miss Williams' Engagement to Mr. Sawyer Announced.

The engagement and approaching marriage of Miss Iva Williams to Mr. Robert Sawyer, of Portland, Oregon, was announced Friday at a brilliant party given by Miss Mary McLeod.

A profusion of early autumn flowers were effectively employed in decoration. Dahlias, vari-hued asters, marigolds, golden-rod and roses were artistically arranged in baskets and placed throughout the spacious reception suite.

The early afternoon hours were spent in the playing of bridge. Five progressions were made, at the end of which Mrs. Paul Shamhart was awarded a handsome pair of silk hose for holding top score. Miss Anita Haun was given a dainty silver vanity for consolation. Miss Margaret Hutchens, a popular bride-elect, was presented with beautiful candles.

At the close of the afternoon the hostess, assisted by Mrs. E. L. McLeod and Mrs. Argil Williams, served a delicious course, consisting of chicken salad, sandwiches, potato chips, pickles, iced tea, mints, nuts and pineapple ice. Each table was covered with handsome luncheon cloths, and bud vases, filled with Columbia roses, were used for table decorations.

Immediately following the serving of the ice course, Master Argil Williams, clad in white, appeared carrying a large paper bag. Approaching the hostess he announced that he was about to let the cat out of the sack. The cat was released and caught by Miss McLeod. In a bow of ribbon, tied around the cat's neck, the following verse was discovered:
You may have suspected what this note contains,

And now you are ready for the news that it brings.

For Iva and Bob, in a far-away state,

Wedding bells ring at an early date.

The first of October's the chosen time,

The place - Portland, Oregon - thus ends my rhyme.
Those present on this occasion were: Misses Iva Williams, Margaret Hutchens, Nelle Hannah, Louise Hannah, Mildred Crouch, Viola Mathes, Anita Haun, Ada Evans, Edith Lyle, Della Spencer, Cora Mae Crockett, Mary McLeod, Mrs. C. R. Smathers, Mrs. J. Hubert Johnson, Mrs. Cleveland B. Coe, Mrs. Paul Shamhart, Mrs. J. O. Susong, Mrs. Maynard Sample, Mrs. Earl Doss, Mrs. Argil Williams, Mrs. Minnie Bearden of Chattanoga, Mrs. R. J. Williams and Mrs. E. L. McLeod.